The Sound of Sustainability

The sound of sustainability – how does that sound? Together with Preem and the participants of the 2016 Cykelvasa we decided to find out.

A 50-meter-long track, called Musikspåret, was installed in the middle of the woods as a part of the competition Cykelvasan. When the participants chose to go through Musikspåret, their movements were tracked by sensors, creating different sounds and melodies. These sounds were then put together to form a song that we call, ‘The Sound of Sustainability.’ As many as 6500 cyclists chose to participate in the making of the song.

Preem is the environmentally friendly fuel company. Every day they work to increase the amount of renewable material in their products. With The Sound of Sustainability, we wanted to create attention around Preem’s sustainability work in a fun way. The activation resulted in a 10 % increase in knowledge about Preem’s work with sustainability.

Håkanson United developed the concept and was responsible for the activation.