SJ Basketligan Special

People with intellectual disabilities do not have the same opportunities to practice sports as others, even though it is very important for their physical and mental health.

This is something SJ wanted to change and decided to invest in Basketligan Special – a national basketball league for people with intellectual disabilities. At that time, the league only had five teams and lacked the resources to grow. SJ wanted to treat the league like any top league to make it more attractive and inspire more people to join. The investment meant that SJ offered start-up grants for new teams, covered travel expenses to the games, and communication resources to build a website and create engaging content, such as player profiles, a tv-studio and video reports.

The result – Sweden’s fastest growing league with 20+ teams and around 250 players. At the same time, the league was engaging both traditional and social media.

Håkanson United has been part of developing SJ Basketligan Special and has been responsible for execution, activation, PR, content creation, digital and graphic design.