Children’s Climate Prize

Still to this day, children do not have a saying in the discussions about climate change, even though it’s their future that’s being discussed. Starting in 2015, Telge Energi, the Swedish front runner in renewable energy, wanted to do something about this. Therefore, the Children’s Climate Prize was initiated to annually award a young person who has made extraordinary contributions to the climate and environment.

The Children’s Climate Prize is an international prize that celebrates and sheds light on young innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers and conservators in order to spread hope and inspire others. The winners of the Prize receive a diploma, medal, and prize money of SEK 100,000 to continue develop their projects. The prize has been awarded to children all over the world for their projects, such as starting eco banks, developing AI technologies preventing forest fires and inventing solar powered ironing carts.

Håkanson United is responsible for the communication and PR of the Prize, and together with Telge Energi and Eventum, we are continuously working to develop the concept of the Children’s Climate Prize.