We believe in the
power of sport!

We believe

in the power of sport and all the good things that sport can achieve. Sport is doing good every day, everywhere and for everyone. The combination of sport and athletes inspires millions of people, evokes emotions and builds communities all over the world. It is good to be a part of sport.

Whether you have already won a gold medal in the Olympics, or if you are an aspiring college athlete we help you with representation, brand identity, sponsorship, PR, social media, concepts and activation.

Nil: Name, Image, Likeness

Hey there! Are you a college athlete from Europe wondring how to make good of your name, image and likeness? Look no further! While you focus on your sport, we build your personal brand and connect you with NIL collectives and sponsors.

  • Administration
  • Brand identity
  • Sponsorship
  • Social Media
  • PR
  • Concepts
  • Activations


We represent four of Sweden’s most celebrated athletes. Each of them (separately, or together) with the power to ignite brands.