Marcus Ericsson starts his Indy 500 Trophy Tour in Sweden

In May, Marcus Ericsson made history after winning the prestigious Indy 500 race as the first Swede in 23 years. After almost three hours of driving at an average speed of 280 km/h, Marcus took home the victory in front of 320.000 spectators in Indianapolis, USA. Now, November 2-6, he is coming home with the almost 2 m high trophy, which is the first time it has ever been in Sweden.

The Swedish racing driver Marcus Ericsson, 32 years old, has competed in the IndyCar Series since 2019 and in May 2022 he succeeded in what most people can only dream of, winning the Indy 500. Overnight he became historic as the Indy 500 is the biggest race in the IndyCar series and is also ranked as one of the three biggest races in the racing world, along with the Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans. The Indy 500 is 800 km long and is run at an average speed of 280 km/h, something that requires enormous physical and mental strength in addition to great skills behind the wheel.

– It feels great to have won the Indy 500, it’s something I’ve worked long and hard for together with my team. Behind the win are thousands of hours of physical and mental training, training in the simulator and on the track to develop the car to the very best, says Marcus.

Marcus has had a love for motorsport since he was a child and over the years he has competed in various racing classes around Europe. In 2014, Marcus took the step up to the highest class, Formula 1 where he competed for five years before it was time for the next challenge, the IndyCar series in the USA.

– What I like about IndyCar is that it has fairer conditions, unlike Formula 1. There it is usually one or two teams that dominate the whole season, while in IndyCar all 25 cars have a chance to win. It’s much more fun and becomes so much more exciting, says Marcus.

Meet and greet with Marcus Ericsson 5-6 November
During the first weekend of November, Marcus is in Sweden together with his main sponsor Huski Chocolate and the nearly two-meter-high trophy, which is the first time it has ever been on Swedish ground. On November 5th you can meet Marcus at a meet and greet in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm and on November 6th Marcus’ hometown, Kumla, arranges a big celebration in the town square.

From Huski Chocolate
“It is a tremendous honor for Huski Chocolate to bring Marcus and the Borg-Warner Indy 500 trophy to Sweden for everyone to celebrate. We hope many will join us in the events to see the trophy, meet Marcus and snap a photo with the man of the hour. Kalas!”

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