The United way

The idea behind Håkanson United is fairly simple. We believe the first step in order to get people engaged in a brand is to understand what the target group thinks is fun, exciting and important. We believe it is better to try to create a relevant place for a brand in the customer’s world, than the other way around.

Our business idea is to assist companies to profitably transfer money from traditional commercial to engaging and important areas such as sport, music and public welfare.

We deliver:
1. Strategies
2. Conceptual ideas
3. Tailored partnerships
4. Activations and engaging content in PR, digital and event.

United Partners

Considering the major changes the world is going through, we do not believe in sitting still in your own little box. Instead, we believe in thinking bigger, broader and more integrated, and to develop partnerships with other actors.

Therefore, we are large and active part owners in companies working within strategically relevant areas, while leading the development within their business or industry, nationally and internationally. With these partnerships we work actively to create collaborations, as well as developing tons of ideas and concepts for our clients and coworkers.


When we are looking to make our ideas happen or develop new concepts for entertainment we collaborate with our partner Eventum, where we are part-owners. Eventum is an event and communications bureau, developing strong brands through engaging entertainment. Other part-owners are Marie Karlsson (CEO) and Staffan Holm who is Chairman of the Board at Live Nation, the world’s leading entertainment coordinator. The team at Eventum has produced more than 300 events within TV, marketing communication, commercials, internal communication, sports and live concerts. They assist their and our clients in strategic communications by using the power of the entertainment industry.


Mamma Mia! the Party

First, the musical arrived and more than 55 million people in 40 countries and in 16 languages have seen it. Then, the movie arrived and it has generated over 600 million dollars. Now, its time for the Party!

It is time for the next chapter of the Mamma Mia!-story. Håkason United is, through, Eventum, part-owners in the corporation producing the show, as well as owners of the new format together with Björn Ulvaeus. We also have a part in the production and we are actively working with connecting a main sponsor to Mamma Mia! the Party.

The format for Mamma Mia! the Party is based on the international trend called Immersive Entertainment where the audience is more included and interactive. The world premiere will take place at Tyrol, Gröna Lund, on January 20th 2016. Until then, Tyrol will be reconstructed as Nikos Taverna at Skopelos. Mamma Mia! the Party targets companies who want to create unique experiences for their clients and private people looking for an unforgettable evening.


Telegram Studios

Håkanson United’s latest part ownership is with Sweden’s most creative music company Telegram Studios. Our CEO Petter Håkanson also has a spot on Telegram’s board.

Telegram Studios is a creative hub with music, artists, digital, PR and content. They are working both as consultants and owning and developing their own music rights. Håkan Hellström and Woah Dad are some artists under Telegram Studios.

We are very exited to create lots of new ideas and projects with our clients and their partners through this partnership.


Hyper Island

We believe the digital media world is fast paced and changing, but also a huge opportunity for our clients. Therefore, we are thrilled to be partners and part-owners of Hyper Island.

Hyper Island offers world-leading education in digital/interactive communication, organization and leadership for students and prominent bureaus and brands all over the world. The company has offices in Stockholm, Karlskrona, London, Manchester, Singapore and New York.

Hyper Island students are very high in demand among major bureaus worldwide. Examples of companies working with Hyper Island to become more digital are Google, Unilever, Aftonbladet, MTV, Time Warner, Adidas, Wieden + Kennedy, DDB, McCann and Ogilvy.

At our bureau we incorporate Hyper Island’s methods as much as possible. For example we participate in yearly educations and we work with student groups in every way that can benefit our clients.


Former Partners


Håkanson United is partner and together with Eventum part-owner in ABBA THE MUSEUM. The museum, located at Djurgården in Stockholm, opened its doors in April 2013.

The showcase is filled with music, original items and exclusive content from the band’s members. It is an interactive experience with the latest technology in sound, graphic, multimedia and communication. The exhibition has already had great success in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Prague under the name of ABBA – The Museum World Tour. This is brand-development entertainment at its finest and will become a part of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.



Håkanson United is proud part-owners and partners in the music service Tunigo. When Spotify launched its new platform for applications, Tunigo was one of the first partners to become integrated directly in the music service. Today, it is one of the most downloaded apps within Spotify.

Tunigo works as the perfect music reviewer that is turned on 24/7. The application is available on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. It is easy to find and share playlists and discover new music based on specific interests. Furthermore, Tunigo creates unique campaign sites connected to brands and events.

Tunigo empowers Håkanson United’s mission in creating experiences where the target market has its interests, in this case where the customers listen to music. Through Tunigo, we can develop unique activations that truly enhance brands.

Tunigo knows music!


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